Do you have a friendship that feels a bit off? We’ve all had that happen to us. At first it seems fine and you’re excited to see each other, only to realize that you only see each other when they need a favor or want you to help them out with something. It can be quite an eye-opening moment and let’s be honest, it hurts. No one likes to feel used. But it’s better to realize that sooner rather than later and cut ties with this person. Take a look at these 8 signs your friend is using you and if it sounds like your friend – act accordingly.

1. They Always Need Something
One of the most obvious ways you can see if your friend is using you is to analyze how often do you see them and is there a reason for that. If they’re only meeting you when it’s convenient for them, and they require help or favor from you – that’s a red flag. Sometimes it’s not that obvious at first. They might just meet with you to hang out but inevitably the conversation steers in the direction of their problems and then you find yourself offering help (cause you’re a nice person). If this happens every single time – you’re being used.

2. They Never Check In
If you find that 99% of the time it’s you who initiates a conversation and your friend never bothers to check in on you first, chances are they’re not really your friend. Friendship is supposed to be based on mutual respect and care, so if they only care about themselves and their well being and don’t bother to ask how you are – it’s a bad sign.

3. They Don’t Give Back
If you’re constantly helping out your friend and doing them favors and all you get is a begrudging “thanks” you should think twice about your friendship. Are they always too busy when you need their help? Sounds a bit suspicious don’t you think?

4. They Forget About You
When you’re having a conversation they never actually care to ask how you are as long as you ask them and they talk all about themselves. They also forget to go out for that lunch with you that was planned in advance and they literally forget you were supposed to meet on the weekend. Yeah, you know where this is going.

5. They Manipulate You
A lot of the time people who are using you are great manipulators. They know exactly what to say, what topics to bring up and what buttons to push to get you to do something that you initially might’ve said no to. So analyze their behavior and if they’re manipulating you think about cutting ties with them.

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