Dating is a process that some adore and others loathe. You’re getting to know new people, and in the process, you’re picking up some social habits – some good, and others bad. Here are the worst dating habit red flags that you should be aware of.

1. Being overly self-conscious and too self-aware. 

It’s natural to be nervous when It comes to dating; you’re in a vulnerable position! But try to focus on the positive as opposed to if you’re eating messy, if you think your arms look fat, or if you forgot mints. Chill out, be yourself, and don’t worry about perfection.

2.Set a plan for your greeting and exit manner.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than an unsuccessful handshake-hug-back pat fusion. Stick with one and be decisive to avoid awkwardness. If things go well, a light hug is usually a fine way to say goodbye.

3.Looking around the room too much 

will make it seem like you’re bored with your date or even looking at someone that you find more attractive. Stay in the moment as much as possible.

4.Going on your phone all the time.

Even the most famous influencers need to unplug and connect with the people around them, once in a while. Don’t ditch someone for your newsfeed – start an interesting conversation.

Getting too serious just a couple of weeks or month in. Always slow it down and remember to get to know each other. You need to travel together, meet each other’s friends and families, and stick it through the tough times to know if you’re actually a good fit. Don’t rush it!

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