Glasses can be worn for fashion or for function, either way you have to make an effort to look your best. Perfect eyewear mirrors your style, enhances your appearance and even has a power to minimize your imperfections while drawing the attention to your best features.

In an ideal world, you would own dozens of pairs in various colors, shapes and styles to correspond to your mood and outfits, but in reality glasses can be way too expensive and you are limited to have just one or two pairs. In this case you have to make sure the ones you choose are as flattering as possible. Especially now, that the ‘geek-chick’ look has conquered the fashion world. Whenever the time comes to buy your next pair, keep in mind these 4 general tips:

1.Contrast – the shape of the frame should contrast the shape of your face, so if you have rounder features, better opt for more angular glasses, and angular features require more curvy shapes.

2.Color – the right color will never fail to compliment your features. If you want to highlight your eyes, black is a good option. For those who want to make a statement with the glasses, choose the ones which contrast the tone of your face and hair.

3.Proportion – look for frames which will be in proportion with the rest of your face. Don’t confuse it with choosing sunglasses, which have to be larger for the greater coverage. Remember, frames that look classy as a pair of sunglasses won’t necessarily look nice when being used for optical lenses.

4.Face shape – there are four general types of face shapes: round, heart, square and oval. You can simply trace the contour of your face with the help of pencil and a piece of paper placed on top of an image of your face, or go to the bathroom and trace your face outline on the bathroom mirror with an eyeliner or anything you have at hand. Once you determined which contour Is ours, you are ready to get your new frames with some degree of confidence they will complement your appearance.

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